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Thursday, May 26, 2005



I really like you cats putting up all this old Sub Pop shit I never heard of. Good choice.


I saw these guys two nights in a row in Columbia, SC around 1992ish, and they were wicked insane live. Hands down the most melodic, driving, and tasteful bass players I have ever seen without being ridiculous. The guitars of course were overwhelming, but the thing you don't get on the records is how good the rhtyhm section was. These guys were really tight and quiet. They simply hit it and quit it.


People are discovering Dead Meadow? Even people in the know here in Cleveland (Rock capital of the world) don't know who the fuck Dead Meadow is.


i bought this album when it was new because a friend of mine, knowing how fascinated i was at the time (i was 15) with "you're living all over me", put a song from this record on a mix tape for me. i think it may even have been this one. anyway, i loved it at the time, and i remember thinking that it did sound a lot like dinosaur jr if they had gone in a different direction after "bug" than where they went. but i haven't listened to it in probably a decade now... i have so many records, i just tend to forget about a lot of the old ones. but i think i'm gonna dig through my crates of cassettes and find it. thanks for reminding me.


yes sam. yes... yessssssss!!!


They have this cd on used for under $1


as your attorney, i advise you to buy the motherfucker.


So there is good music coming from America's wang.

Joe Perdee

mmmmm shes cute as hell

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