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Thursday, August 11, 2005



Hell yeah! About time they were mentioned on buddyhead.


Hehe, still waiting on this to download but looking forward to it. I heard Archangel when I was a young lad and thought it was like the best song ever, knocking Motorhead's 'Ace of Spades' off the top spot in my silly little brain.

matt dance

The Misfits made very romantic music.. this is probably their best song to make love to, not just because the song is awesome but because it's 6 minutes long and not 1 and a half. Never heard Samhain before but not I'm interested. Thanks for this one.


r u retarded matt?


The Misfits were the best punk-rock band ever. Period. I didn't know of this demo. Downloading and looking forward to listening to it. Thx a lot!


Finally a half decent song, just joking

Robby Stalk

The Misfits make me wanna jack off. I love this demo version!!!! Where on earth did you get it? Buddyhead, you guys are the shit. I vote this blog page as the best blog page ever ever never ever. Yeah!


Neat, thanks!

Mark Kennedy

Please keep in mind that this is note the "pure" Misfits version. During the recording sessions for Initium (August 1983), Glenn Danzig asked bassist Al Pike to record over Jerry Only's original bass track. What you hear in this demo is the original guitar, vocals, and drums that Glenn recorded while in the Misfits along with Al Pike's bass from the Samhain era.

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