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Thursday, May 24, 2007




bambi hell aka adam kadmon


"you have to smoke cigarettes if you want to be in my gang...", says ian. "i dont want to be in your gang," says girl. "i dont either," says ian.

hmm now he is a gang banger? hmm it must of been tough coming up with dialogue.

joy division was great.

check out my new song with the theme of control, i thought about naming it that but decided "mark of the beast" would be more provocative listen @


psycheddddddddd... corjbin has been working on this for a while, and it looks like he's given it justice.

at any rate, it's gotta be better than elijah wood as iggy pop in the biopic film about the stooges "the passenger."

a girl

Travis, you have the best taste in all of the USA


oooooo. snazzy.


This is going to be so sick!


Apparently this faired well at Cannes, which is a good sign. This possible means like a year before it comes to the stars and bars.

tim from downey

this is going to be the worst movie of all time. id rather watch oceans 13.


I saw the movie in Cannes, it's pretty good! The guy performing Ian Curtis is very convincing... Check it out as soon as you can!


i heard the rest of the band doesn't even give their approval of the film. i'd rather watch 24 hour party people.


Not give approval because it's more about Ian and not them/New Order?

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