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Friday, May 25, 2007



--- If no one saw the QOTSA performance playing "Paranoid" by none other Sabbath, check it. It kicks ass like this White Stripes vid.

Oh yeah is Josh allowed to have a rag in his back pocket, I thought that was Aaron's thing ?


A tribute to led zep riffs?!
+ love the line
'white americans, what? nothing better to do? why don't you kick yourself out your an immigrant too'
Now go clean the bathroom lazy boy~no nude photos for you....!

Travis Keller

Clean my bathroom? What's the point? It'll just get dirty again...

ryan r

i'm really for everything that happened in this blog post. good work. aquarium drunkard is one of my favorite blogs on the net. that terry collier cover is smoking-hot. i thought the girl on the cover was terry, actually, and thought i was about to be treated to some epic sex-fueled funk odyssey. i guess maybe it was, but with a dude singing.

- Ryan

Ali D

Can't wait for the new White Stripe's record! Amen to no Marimba!!


Did you see Alice in Chains and Gretchen Wilson heart performance? I sat for an hour after mouth open, very happy Queens came on and killed the dead silence of WTF the videos shitty
Liked the whites stripes thanks for the videos added them to my list
oh Travis hope the trip was fun......


"Conquest" is out there now too--also a good song. They clearly have a kind of latin/horn thing going. Here's a radio rip before they take it down:


c'mon, "get behind me satan" was relatively better than most albums that came out that year. someday, i'll write a song called "travis keller and his ex-girl who was named marimba."

guess what instrument i'm going to use?

(hint: it rhymes with kellerimba.)


jack white's voice normally gets on my tits after about 10sec, but in icky thump it just works. if this song's representative of the rest of the album i'll be a fan.

before i saw that vid, i thought what you call the shitty bagpipe was actually a whacked guitar filter, and i'm still not convinced it's not.

with the way the white stripes, BMRC and the beastie** boys are going, it seems rough & pure guitar is making a comeback.

**here's the new BB stuff:
magic starts around 2min.


Candyman was familiar to me, as a Clapton song, but I guess Callier is the original?

Who can take a sun rise,
Sprinkle it with dew,
Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two,
The Candy Man,The Candy Man can,
The Candy man can because he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good!~Sammy Davis Jr.

Yeah it kinda makes your teeth hurt doesn't it!


the malloy brothers are a famous group of surfing and photographing brothers.

come on brah.



There are about three bands who are filthy fucking rich and deserve to be. The White Stripes are one of those bands.


Damn, that new Beastie Boys shit is TIGHT!


Official Youtube Link:

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