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Monday, June 04, 2007



"Don't just stare at it, EAT IT."

10/10 movie/book


In a fair world, someone would actually do that to Jared Leto.

Travis Keller



thats what happens when you send your kids to Exeter or Dalton

Ali D

Seeing Jared Leto get stabbed in the head repeatedly with an axe never ceases to amuse me.


It's too bad they didn't actually show the axe penetrating the cranium. If you're bored you can play a drinking game with this movie. Every time Bateman kills someone you take a drink.


I admit, I like Huey Lewis better than Elvis Costello..

Sarah Michelle

I LOVE that movie, and that has to be at least one of the the best scenes in the movie.


I rather enjoy his Phil Collins "Sussudio" diatribe -- wish I sounded that smart about music all the time.


still love chainsaw part, what a way to go tho by "hip to be square" death, a Huey


Great movie, better book though. I've also got Lunar Park by the same guy. Pretty swish.


Dude this movie rocks I have seen well over 200 times!!!!

erich von falkenhayn

haha. you'd be pretty sober from that drinking game until the feed me a kitten shootout.

mr. hell

okay i rented this and got trashed watching it..

pretty fucking killer.

it was nice to see jared leto get axed. haha.

i like the end, where we dont know whether or not its all in his head and he is just a rich insane guy or if he actually got away with it all because of how wealthy his family is and how perfect he is in society's eyes, as the super yuppster.

his enthusiasm for rod stewart, whitney houston, and phil collins really did make the movie and was the characters only reedeming quality. haha.

mr. hell

John Cale does the soundtrack!

this movie rules!

just got tanked and watched it again.

patrick bateman is a complicated character with many names and faces.

i like it at the beginning when he is behind all the oppressed and dating the girl from the aclu.

Sarah Michelle

I know someone who had to read the American Psycho novel for a class. Apparently the movie was extremely tame compared to the book. Now I'm wondering about the author who wrote that book!


yeah man, if you dig on the movie you should check out the book fer sure. it's good stuff. bret easton ellis is a badass author.

by the by, jared leto would've stopped that axe with his astrological advantages. you know that everything 30 seconds to mars represents is true, right?

Thomas Jerome

I love it when he feeds his idiot girlfriend a chocolate-coated urinal cake.

'It's so... so... minty...'

I saw 30 Seconds to Mars at Download this weekend.

Not as lame as Satellite Party...


i just like the fact that he takes jared leto's body to the dump in a jean-paul gaultier bag...


... and tries to stuff a cat through the slot of an ATM. hurr hurr.

stomping the homeless guy's dog, though? -that was a little too cruel for me.


Travis should post my Phil Collins remix:

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