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Monday, June 18, 2007



Hopefully this means a new album is coming soon. Like hopefully this year!

Mr. Hell

sounds more lo fi and twangier than all their earlier albums, even the ones before they had money for really expensive toys. im sure it will be interesting though. i listen to ok computer and amnesiac all the fucking time, those are great albums. i like all of the electro sounds and stuff and the orwellian perspective.


Kinda phoning it in there, aren't ya~lazy boy.


Haha one of the songs is (maybe) called "Bangers N Mash." How British.

Does anybody know if there's a release date set yet? I thought this was supposed to come out last summer, but then that ended up just being the kinda-boring Thom Yorke solo album instead. Stop toying with us and give us the goods, Radiohead!

The new Queens of the Stone Age album is amazing by the way. It definitely deserves all the hype you've been giving it, Travis! Now how bout posting some of those bonus non-album singles for us, eh?


I think they're going to be on the japanese import that comes out next week.


stoked stoked stoked stoked stoked stoked.


as annoying as a radiohead album, but thankfully shorter.


how're you feeling about icky thump? jack gets progressively blacker with each album.

i'm digging little cream soda, and possibly bone broke and conquest. st. andrew has more of the "shitty bagpipe," which is a bummer.


What a fucking cock tease. But I'll probably buy it anyway.

<3 Kid A & The Bends


Man, now they're just being asshats. I really, REALLY hope that Jonny boy lays the ondes martenot down. Unless, you know, he starts doing some really creepy shit.


i kinda liked Kid A.. but i've never liked Radiohead dude's voice... and when I saw that video of them on tour it made them seem like whiners.. so... Radiohead can weep on the feet of Nick McCabe from Verve!

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