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Wednesday, October 03, 2007



The Church are friggin awesome. Incredibly underrated band IMO. BTW, is "Easy" supposed to be a partial file? I could only d/l about 1mb of the song.

I also like the Nova Saints song. Good stuff.

Travis Keller

Sorry... Easy is now re-uploaded as the full song.


'Easy' and 'Unified Field' from their last album are a couple of the best tracks they've done yet.


The Church sound good! I've never heard of them before today. Thanks :)


They have always been church a liscious

Jackson Edge

That Nova Saints track is fucking rad. Kind of reminds me of Hurricane #1. Pretty power poppy but psyched out as well. Cat kind of sounds like Noel when he's singin' a rocker. Me thinks there's some synthy keys or some shit in there during the wicked wah solo. Dig it.


If you're diggin' on the Church, give Isadore a listen. it's a thing Steve Kilby did with some guy named Jeffery Cain, who's in some band called Remy Zero. The songs are either really fucking phenomenal or total dogshit, but it's worth a listen for the good'uns. Enjoy.


one of my favorite bands of all times. check out Priest = Aura for some great gems.

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