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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Travis Keller

Nothing gayer than an arena full of female U2 fans.


someone who was alive and paying attention in the 80s/90s tell if this is true: Didn't they just can Negativland and co-opt their thing? I mean, it's obvious, right?


Last time I saw Henry Rollins, he was singing for Nine Inch Nails. Anyways this is a killer bootleg from in my opinion U2's best phase. I remember seeing them when I was nine on the Pop Mart tour, still one of the best shows I've seen. Achtung Baby is such a great album and so was Zooropa, now Bono is busy saving the world and performing with Green Day. I don't care what anyone else says U2 still kick major ass if you're not uptight about baby-boomin' rock.


I fully back "With or Without You". Bands spend their whole lives trying to reach that level of beauty and understatement. If that makes a homo I'm a full on flaming fag.


oh, and Rollins hasn't done anything worth mentioning in the 27 years since In My Head besides a highly annoying career in solipsism (calling the fascist punks out in that punk movie, aside)


Haha, I stirred the Rollins pot. The only other chance I'll get to do this again is if you post a Sting mp3. PLEASE post more Sting.

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