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Friday, April 22, 2005



Good choice Travis, the Wipers just might be the #1 most underated band of all time, still I would have posted "Lets Go Let's Go Away" or "Return of the Rat" off Is It Real, not that "Is It Real" is'nt a totaly awsome song. To everyone else. GO BUY THAT BOX SET TODAY! you cant live your life without it.

Andy The Panda

WOWEEEEE, this shit is great.. i hate Hole but i actually like this song... and the is this real song by the wipers is even better. buying that box set this week. do they have other records that are good? or just these three? whats greg sage do now?


I'm pretty sure everything they've done is on the box set. It's good but, to me at least, seems to drag after a little bit. "Youth of America" is great though, kinda has a Suicide feel to it, but with a full band.




The Wipers boxset is amazing. No Fair and When It's Over are some of the best punk rock tunes ever. Stay away from Power in One though, ughh makes me nauseous just thinking of it.


dude from the burning brides is apparently a wipers fan. he pointed me out wearing my rad "wipers" t-shirt in this shithole club in cleveland the other night. this post is intended to make you feel jealous of my awesome power to be pointed at.

"shirthole" makes me laugh.


i wanna fuck your shirthole

the fucking real shit

(whos a friend of mine) name dropping little hollywood pussy.

Travis Keller

Yeah dude... everyone cares that I know Jimmy and yeah man I'm a total pussy... meanwhile you're the one who's hiding behind some fake name and email on the internet. Keep reading what I write dicklicker.


"is IT real" is a great album fucking poser haha. nah but really, wait a minute is my favorite track off that album. cant wait to find that 3 disc box set. i didnt know about that shit. thanks dude


Go to for all your Wipers needs. No the box set is not everything that they released. After this Greg Sage released like 10 more albums under the name the Wipers.I love this band so I won't listen to the Hole version.

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