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Friday, May 13, 2005



Was it fun pissing off John Frusciante?

Travis Keller

Dave pissed on A Chilli Pepper? Like golden shower style?




This business is perfect. Shove up some Gray Matter for the people, burn no bridges or chutes and ladders are well worthy.


I like Dave! I like!

Andy The Panda

I like it too davey...

Dave Clifford

Was it fun pissing off John Frusciante? (This question in reference to the most recent issue of Skyscraper magazine.) To answer your question, no. I don't give a shit about celebrity distance, and I could care as much about cutting an artist down as I do about building an artist up. It has nothing to do with him being in a mainstream band. My reasons for interviewing him are rooted in my curiosity about his own perspective on his work considering the depth of personal expression that I find in his guitar playing and how that relates between his breathing life into a tepid mainstream rock band and his own mostly self-indulgent solo work. How does the former somehow eclipse the latter? Does John Frusciante seem to be an asshole? Yes, of couse. But he's a product of his environment -- consider whatever you do with heart and soul... anyone handed the world on a platter at 18 years old to do anything you want, that is a serious mind-fuck (and I'd like to see the condition of the glass houses any of you doubters live in.) I can think of countless fuckers who put their entire being into their playing -- those are the exact assholes that I want to understand on their own terms. Regardless, John Frusciante exists in a rare and unique pantheon of mainstream artists who put intangible soul and personaity into their playing which ultimately gives music its ritual, beautiful value above and beyond the scope of irony and whatever other political values you might ascribe to the music you give your approval. So, to answer the question... it was more telling to hear him name-drop "my friend Omar from the Mars Volta" in order to ground himself to something else somewhat vibrant than it was "fun" to piss him off...


You handled the situation fairly well.

"How does the former somehow eclipse the latter?"

I wonder the same thing. After hearing To Record Only Water for Ten Days, it's virtually impossible to listen to the Chili Peppers.


You know "Saccharine Rejection" is my favorite song... thanks for spreading the word. Lemme know if you need more Fluid rarities!!

Mitch Weintmanberg

makes sense that he's friends with omar. both of their bands suck and both of them are out of touch with reality.

Dave Clifford

Dear Susie, yes, if you have any kind of Fluid rarities I would love to hear them. Particularly any high school crush practice-space interview recordings -- though I highly doubt anyone from Aurora ever endeavored to meet those Front Range badasses face-to-face. If you can prove that you've been in the shark tank, then I will give you a lifetime of props.

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