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Saturday, June 04, 2005



I did the exact same thing when I got into punk - I seperated my collection and put all the zz top, tesla, ac/dc, poison, etc in my closet with the old circus magazines. I kept by my cd player the Fear, Cramps, Germs, etc...

all these changes happened pretty fast, somewhere in between was a brief window where I liked Butthole Surfers, the Jesus Lizard, and Mudhoney, Sub Pop stuff, SST records stuff - all these bends were written about in the press - so I got this pavement disc and slanted and enchanted. Never really fell in love with those albums though.


Travis, you should check out (if you already haven't) Stephen's new solo album, it's waaaaaay goods. Way better than his last one, which was good in itself too.


And i hear ya on the pumpkins man... They're like that band you listen to in your car alone but then you turn it down when you pull up to someone who might hear you listening to them. Haha, don't pretend you haven't done that people.


i enjoy pavement.

but mostly because they were guest stars on Space Coast Coast to Coast in like 97 or something like that. That makes them radder than most. and they ripped it up too


One of the best albums listed so far. Great choice. Click on my name to checkout my mp3 blog.

Bill Rodge

Pavement is for college kids. sorry travis.


it seems a lot of people say 'slanted' is their best record but this is my personal favorite. gold soundz is another good song off here. check out their DVD "slow century" if you havent already. its got a hour long documentary by lance bangs, all their music videos, and 2 live shows...its pretty rad if you like pavement.


Well I am in college, I love Pavement. Either way, it is good music, and by no means do the "college" kids today listen to this stuff. It is more like Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson...blaah.


i picked up that expanded reissue, which has 3 times as many bonus songs as there are tracks on the original album, for $20, and i've seen it for way cheaper, so if you're gonna get this you should get that version. "all my friends" is on it, and so are a whole lot of other awesome songs. unlike the reissue of "slanted and enchanted", which had a lot of live bullshit on it (pavement were never very good live), all the bonus tracks on the "crooked rain" reissue are studio, and very much worth having.

and yeah, i can relate to everyone who suddenly decided at one point that most of the shit they liked "wasn't punk enough". i wish i had just chucked it in a closet--no, i sold all that stuff. i haven't been able to get most of it back, either. god, teenagers are so stupid, and i was no exception.

Ryan R.

when i was 12 and first got into nirvana, i broke all of my aerosmith cd's and decided that naughty by nature wasn't cool anymore. it was probably for the best.

- Ryan


Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho (Let the ho's go)
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.


jesus am i bored at work.

if you have slow century, watch the live DVD again and listen closely in the opening before they start playing and you can hear someone screaming, "Play Black Sabbath!!!" that idiot was me. god was i drunk. flew out from salt lake city to see that show.


This record rules. I've been on here all night looking at the old posts and I found this one. Back in December I got into this band and have become borderlined obsessed with these dudes. I love this album but I think Wowee Zowee is still my favorite. The Slow Century DVD is rad, check out the commentary for all the videos, shit is hilarious. I must say this is the perfect summer album though. Oh and I love The Smashing Pumpkins, Zeitgeist is an okay album hopefully things progress. And I like STP, I really don't know why. Give me a break I'm only 18 so I'm not as cool and mature as you dudes are.

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