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Tuesday, June 28, 2005



Love the bands, love the shirts, hate hippies. With their fucking primus, grateful dead and phish.

Joe Perdee

wow man... thank you. Not that anyone cares but I just got blazed up on the weed for the first time in about a month and I kicked these jams on and they're doing me right! Shit sounds like i'm in 1970! Crazy man crazy, I wanna see these guys live... anyone got tour dates?

Joe Perdee

I bought a few shirts by the way. I had to have the skull shirt and the shoot pigs in the face shirt. haha.


i looked for this at amoeba today and couldn't find it. is it not available in america?

Travis Keller

I dunno. If it's not in, I'm sure they can order it for you. Or look on their labels site...


pink mountaintops = 18 year old boobies


Coldplay makes some rather bland music. Not exactly my cup of tea, but this is good shit though. Thanks for the tunes.

Eric Sterner

Yeah Coldplay blows cocks but that skull t shirt you guys have is pretty fucking DOPE. I'm buying one of those as soon as I pay rent.


yaaah! thank you for posting some pink mountaintops!!!

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