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Sunday, July 10, 2005



Hell yes, Autolux kicks ass. I wish i could go back in time and fly out to london to see them with the duke. That mustve been a wicked good show brosef.


Does cake mean something besides cake? Yeah, this band seems pretty cool.


what cake the drug like in the episode of Brass Eye????

The show the other day with the Duke Spirit was great, even if the Barfly is one of the worst venues in London.


What does your first sentence mean Ally?


Brasseye was a tv programme in the UK


excellent choice, all the heroin greg did worked to create an excellent follow up to fantastic planet, unlike Ken's weak year of the rabbit lp.

too bad here in toronto we get those shit streakers death from above instead of autolux.


Brass Eye was a tv programme, and in this one episode they got a bunch of minor celebrities to warn the public about this fake drug called CAKE. It was yellow and the size of a football. All the celebrities and one MP believed it and read all this ridiculous stuff out and claimed to be really worried, making themselves look dumb on TV.


The two songs buddyhead posted are my 2 favorites off the album. What a coincidence. "Lately ive been worrying, that it just might be ok."


I still don't understand this sentence, what cake the drug like in the episode of Brass Eye???? but I'm over it now.


That's because it should read:

"what, cake the drug, like in that episode of Brass Eye"

for that episode they even interviewed a Conservative MP who was so shocked, he even asked a question in Parliament about what the government was doing to stop Cake.

When he found it was all bullshit, he complained to the t.v company who cancelled the show.


They do put on a killer live show. They're so fucking loud, and use feedback in a very tasteful way. I'm glad I get to see them in Detroit again.


I'd give my left nut to see that show with Shellac.


I saw them in March and they totally blew the other bands off stage, one of the best shows Ive seen this year.


I won't lie. I liked the new Death From Above 1979 album. Cool metal riffs. Good production. I heard that they suck live, though. Go figure.

Paul Losada

The DFA full-length is a guilty pleasure of mine...the first e.p was stellar though. Actually, their live shows are the only reason why I continue to listem to them. They slay at lightning speeds and sound like a metal band more than anything.

Charlie Stain

They sound like a metal band? What metal bands sound like that?


DFA musta been influenced by being hassled by that shit disco label, cuz they now sound like they could fit right in with the rest of that label's audio garbage.

And how can they suck live, they're just a rhythm section?

Paul Losada

No lie, dude. Lots of bummed out kids walked out on one of their philly shows two months ago and the singer/drummer started calling them a "bunch of pumpkins." One of the most energenic shows I've been to in well over a year.

memphis jake

autolux is fuckin fantastic.

post some otis redding


Ooooh I'm dead!!!!!!!

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