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Friday, July 01, 2005


Charlie Stain

Is Whores on any of their other records?


I heard this was live but it has shit loads of over-dubs.
Whores is only on this record I think.


Dave Navarro should go back, listen to this record, look in the mirror, then kill himself.

Craig Goossen

Whores also appears on Nothings Shocking.


whores is indeed on nothing's shocking.

this album was the best. for me, at least it's the one that turned me from 11 year old dorkus into 11 year old dorkus who ROCKED. i got a guitar and smoked pot because of this.

my dreams were shattered a bit when i found out it wasn't actually a live album... in my head I had created this wole concert scene!

Mike Ellis

Its not on my copy of Nothing's shocking... what version do you guys have?

1. Up the Beach
2. Ocean Size
3. Had a Dad
4. Ted, Just Admit It...
5. Standing in the Shower...Thinking
6. Summertime Rolls
7. Mountain Song
8. Idiots Rule
9. Jane Says
10. Thank You Boys
11. Pigs in Zen

Craig Goossen

You're absolutely right...I was thinking, Pigs In Zen...which appeared on both and in Demo style on the Scream Compilation...A pretty killer '87 comp of bands from the legendary downtown spot.

Side 1:
1. Pigs in Zen - Jane's Addiction
2. Manna and Quail - Caterwaul
3. Wave of Darkness (Highway 99) - Human Drama
4. Grey Talk - Francis X And The Bushmen
5. All Along the Watchtower - TSOL
Side 2:
1. Teenage Lipstick Girls - Delta Rebels
2. Rotten Sunday - The Hangmen
3. Slaughter the Lion - Tender Fury
4. They Said Tomorrow - Abecedarians
5. Something Inside Me Has Died (Remix) - Kommunity FK

Mike Ellis

Oh damn, I thought you guys have like some japan import with a bonus track...


that record is great, to bad about navarro with his reality tv show (never saw it) and camp freddy radio (heard that, makes me sick)

vice really skewered navarro with their celebrity issue, I'm sure everybody saw it and it's out their online if anyone is looking for a laugh.


Whores is on the compilation Kettle Whistle in a different live version.

"My Time" and "Trip Away" are also great unduly forgotten songs.

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