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Monday, August 15, 2005


Satisfied '75

yeah, should be an interesting direction for them


When I downloaded this song, I accidentally opened it twice, so two versions played about a second out of sync with each other. Sounded pretty sweet. And I haven't even been smoking tonight. Having listened to it properly now I must say I am also pleasantly surprised. Fine tuneage, muchas gracias.


These guys have pissed me off for the last few years, every girl I nail seems to be into them and they make me listen to their mediocre records. This track however is actually good, loathe as I am to admit it.


I've heard the whole album. What a disappointment; I'm not excited about any of it. Of course, if you're listening to the new Warlocks record all day it's hard to be fair to B.M.R.C.

Robby Stalk

If you're not excited about this record or The Warlocks... enlighten us "John".... what's so rad to you? And why are you telling us?


Why don't you learn how to read man, he was saying that he's been listening to the warlocks and the BRMC don't stack up. It's called schoo, you should go sometime.


dammit why did i have to spell school wrong

Robby Stalk

oh well fuck me running... I'll shut the fuck up.


I'd rather fuck you standing


will you ever learn how to spell 'decent' correctly? for someone who uses the word so often for so many years, you'd think it would be spelled correctly. the word you're saying is 'descent' as in 'my balls made their descent from up above and landed in your mouth, and then you sucked them'.

Travis Keller

Only time will tell I guess. Thanks for the spell checking.


wow, i never thought i would dig into brmc again. i bought the self-titled album when it came out, but it turned out to be one of those albumsyou think are cool first, and then you just put it back in the shelf and never listen to it again.
"Ain't No Easy Way" is just great, sounds a bit like Dylan. I never thought brmc could sound like this...

richard tucker

hey, i mean they are the featured myspace band for today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mike sims

That video is bad ass.... is this record out yet?


I heard the whole album and I think it's preety sweet.I never thought that B.R.M.C would be on of those bands who I really like,they still are'nt but they are going in the right direction. I had the first one but not the second(I thought that there is no point spending my dow). but the other day I got it (HOWL) and I must say that I dig it alot. shit is damn sweet.


and for the idiot who said that shit about the warlocks adn B.R.M.C, look I can listen to Spacemen 3 all day and all other music whould suck.
you need to go back to class now dont want to be late,or else...............


Nowhere near anything involving J Spaceman but still somewhat enjoyable, I never really gave these guys a chance.


Learn to read.this is not what I meant

Dave Clifford

Yeah, those guys always seemed like top-level hipster dorkwads that were more eager to exactly mimic the work of their narrow-scoped influences than break any boundaries on their own. And, truth be told, their new album sounds like a cunningly orchestrated attempt to break into the big-time by imitating the White Stripes and early Bob Dylan. I mean, calling the album "Howl"? How much more plebian neo-"beatnik" can they get? However, the songwriting on this new album is really, really solid. And, despite the wannabe-isms that shine through, this is a really inspired and smartly written album. The JAMC and Spacemen 3 worshipping of the first two albums were a bit much, and it seems that they've dug a wee bit deeper to discover the original impetus for those bands (instead of break out into a completely unique sound of their own.) And, while BRMC may never exactly be an ORIGINAL band, this collection of really good songs indicates that it could "fool some of the people, some of the time." Count me in.


We didn't ask for your life story


I'm gonna let someone else make fun of you on this one elise.

Dave Clifford

I'm sorry gang, but I was on tour for the past two months and I guess I missed the memo that Travis sent out that this site now only caters to the whims of complete retards.

(by the way, YES, you are special! You are! You are special people, and we love you! You are different, and very, very special. Music is good! It's SO encouraging that you're taking an interest in music! You're so special! Remember that, you fucking retards! Remember!)

Please (PLEASE!) let me retract my previous post reflecting upon BRMC and their music and say something more appropriate. Something that really adequately speaks to you retards, like: These guys are so GAY. It sounds like a dick sucking festival set to music.

Does everybody get that?

Elise, sorry for so many words here! (I know how much it hurts to R-E-A-D, and I truly appreciate your efforts.) But, I'm glad you could point it out for me in your own sad, painful cry from within -- nobody wants to hear your own opinion. But, I say, spread your wings, dear Elise, and fly. Not physically, but let fly with that inner angst! You've come a long way, baby! You are special! (In case you already forgot that part above about the whole "specialness" thing... God loves you as much as regular people.)


Ok so now I know this guys life story I might just leave him alone, I love your passion for music or something like that, you truly make life worth living, and Im not joking


"still suspicion holds you tight" is one of my favorites songs i have ever heard.


I didn't know what the fuck Dave was trying to say until I saw the word "come" and giggled. get it? "come."

Like semen.

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