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Tuesday, August 16, 2005



Nice essay there Aaron :) NIN not keeping you busy enough? No but seriously, very decent post, nice tunes. You don't post often but you post well, good on ye.

Robby Stalk

Yeah man post more shit in between sleeping with goth groupies! Ahhhhh the life on the road!

That was one of the best posts on this page so far... thanks.


Robby is right to be honest. 'I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now'. How the fuck can you beat that? You just can't.


wow - i don't think you took one breath during that speech. but, all-n-all, you know yer shit (obviously). I dig Poco as i've got an album of theirs. I give Buddyhead props as i'm glad i have finally found a site or rather a sounding board that actually digs deep to reveal true music (not in complete agree-ance?) with everything, but the majority, plus i learn some shit in the process. As i'm not a huge fan of CSN (blashphemy?), i did enjoy the song "4+20" on the Buddyhead playlist #1.

Also, on the Neil Young "tip", loved his version of "Oh Lonesome Me" - fuckin' beautiful shit right there. I believe Don Gibson is the original and well, i don't care for it as it's an upbeat song. doesn't make sense when yer shit-damn lonesome.

just my 2 cents.


Correction to my previous post before people get uptight...i meant i'm not a big fan of CSN cuz i just never exposed myself much to their stuff, will check the aforementioned stuff out tho -my correction also refers to the "4+20" song being CSNY not CSN.(fucking acronyms)

Satisfied '75

nice. crosby's 1st solo joint "if i could only remember my name" is phenomenal if you dig this stuff. think i'll put it on now.


that was Aaron? oh yeah.
dude that was too funny!! you guys keep saying that the tree-hugger shit is rare to be on the blog but really it's here all the time,I love CSNY and I have a place in my heart for the byrds.
but you guys are getting old.'s still cool,but old. so Aaron life is hard on the rode that you write for buddyhead? we tought you forgot about us!

sick bitch

your old band quit doin drugs go save em with that signature aaron icky guitar.


Hells yeah, deja vu is a fuckin great album.

You know Aaron and Jeordie are seriously chilling to this and exchanging their CSN(+Y) knowledge on the tour bus.


You should post more, Aaron. Deja Vu is incredible. I think the Byrds were better without Gram Parsons, though.


Wow, this live version of Southern Man slays.

Robby Stalk

Yeah it's just long enough too.... almost 20 minutes... Mars Volta wish they could write songs this long and rad...

happy houser

we're talking Gene Clark in here. Best moments Dylan Covers?. Let's feel uncool with hipster boomerang effect:

5th dimension
younger than yesterday
notorious byrd brothers.

not certainly all dylan covers in that bath of aural bliss. Ask Bob Mould.

(the drug factor of Icarus Line just keeps being really funny.)


great job on the post, thru all my punk rock, hard core etc days I found myself listening to some of these albums and being in complete awe. I met Nash once sweet guy, but I do agree with you his stuff is nothing compared to Stills and Crosby.

killing time

sick bitch-
his old band sucks a fat dick now.
plus nine inch nails vs. black lives-something-golden coast-lets-make-dance-beats-we're-the-icarus-line.. what band would you rather be in?
and i hope i never have to read 'aaron icky' ever again.
who gives a shit if they stopped doing drugs (which id seriously doubt), joe still is having a contorted love affair with an ugly roadent dog, plus hes just busted and sucks..and hes incoherent and creepy as all hell.
more or guessing its got nothing to do with wether or not joe/don/cpt+gay one are doing drugs. dunno why sick bitch irritated me so much, but shit happens.

patrick Higgins

check out the documentary "celebraton at big sur" (1971). the rhythm section kills it. they're outside playing in a court yard or poolside or something like that. joni mitchell great in it too

haha the affair with the dog! you obviously know your shit. Apollo is a fucking monster. And he does make that damn dog kiss him. Love affair, you're funny. I like whoever had to kill time.


yeah, anyways, fuck all these guys. travis sucked apollo's dick once when he was on ecstacy, i've seen pictures.


hey, you guys should check out this band The Doors. They totally rule. They broke up cuz they were all totally high on drugs and shit.

happy houser

this is the funniest forum in the whole internet.


Who the hell is apollo? Why the hell does any of this matter? Isn't this site supposed to be about good music?

Does no one else care about the MUSIC?

bernard shakey

Stills beating up the hippy is at Big Sur. So maybe what ol' Aaron saw was the Big Sur Festival which also has a bad ass Sea of Madness.

Jim H

I like the Cros's voice but it was always in the mix and he didn't get many solo songs although he did do that song about a bisexual experience ("Three"). The prob with Deja Vu is that I've heard it so many times it bores me to hear it again. If the shoe were on the other foot and say Gary Higgins had made it big and CSNY got busted, we'd probably be "discovering" their records as lost classics now.

"All Along The Lee Side" the song Cros did with Nash is an easy listening favorite and more than redeems the rest of the shite on that C&N record (mostly Nash junk).

suck it

Apollo is Joe Cardamone's (The Icarus Line) dog that he has lick his balls.

Michael T

Hey people, some of you who don't seem to care for Graham Nash's contributions to this legendary foursome, or threesome (whichever the case may be)performances, check out Crosby/Nash Live, "Immigration Man" is a fine tune showcasing Graham's talents as a performer and lyricist, or his 4 Way Street cuts of "King Midas" and "Right Between the Eyes". Call his contributions fluff or cheesy, but its a fact that of the three or four of them, in all the albums put out as a group, its been Graham Nash who has had the most "top 20 singles " than any of the others. This translates to Album sales and profits for the group and record label. Without Graham's "Cheesy" contributions,the group as a whole ,would not have garnered the "Amount" of Popular and Financial success that CSN has enjoyed in its long and storied career.

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