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Tuesday, August 09, 2005



hey travis,

wasnt buddyhead distributed by lookout? is that shit thats going on with them and the downsizing and all that affecting buddyhead at all?

and thanks for this mp3 blog, its pretty rad

Travis Keller

Yeah we were... but we left them about four months ago. Which is why you can't find our new shit in stores yet. We're still figuring out who we're gonna go with, but it'll be sort in a week or two from the looks of things.

Glad you dig this.


I have a new favorite band.

happy houser

Although the last Lp and Ep by Two Lone Swordmen are quite good ("sick when we kiss" rocks), they are nothing compared to the futurist electro they did on their two previous albums. They were incredibly exciting as they came out.

Not to mention "haunted dancehall" by Sabres of Paradise: as classic and sick as it gets.


thx for this.
plus cool


i'm in love

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