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Monday, October 03, 2005


Ray Cooter



devos music videos were the shit too.


I don't know, all their songs the same to me. Maybe they are just too smart for me, DEVO=overratted.

Lil Mike SF

Eric's comment is a typical example of a de-evolved fundamentalist evil spud yammering on the loose. Needless to say, you either "get it" and all their groundbreaking post Kent State corporate concepts or you don't. Why fall prey to the smart patrols...

DEVO... way more than a band, and way too much for far more than one consumer to handle... ask Bob Dobbs


my roommate during my freshman year of college stayed in the closet the entire time we shared a room, even though i knew from a friend of a friend that he was gay. im not a homophobe in any way, but it made me uncomfortable that he didnt feel like he could be open with me about it. i mean, shit... imagine sharing a common living space with someone for 9 months, knowing something like that (at one point i even asked him about it, to which he lied to me, possibly for the sake of awkwardness) but not having any way of communicating about it. this is where DEVO comes in. every night when i would come home drunk (ie pretty often), i would go to my stereo and throw on "whip it", knowing that in my own ridiculous way i was subversively urging roomie's queerness to be thrown out there, keeping in mind the applied meaning to the song in this particular context. every now and then i would say "c'mon buddy, just whip it." man he hated that song. but wouldnt you know, three months later he comes out. coincidence? i think not. and he is a much happier man for it, im sure. all hail the amazing subversive effects of de-evolution.

Panzram Futurechild

Wow, Todly, you make Queer Fear sound so... sexy! "Subversively" bullying your roomie into outing himself to you for no particular reason whatsoever, as though you were entitled to evaluate said person's private life! "Whip It" indeed!
However, Todly, you like many of the other "let's dress up in retro-80s Devo suits" levellers are not practicing anything remotely "subversive." More like being typical assholes who want to "be OK" with everyone who is not like you by classifying and codifying them in one wacky we-accept-but-don't condone-your-weirdness rite. No, that's not what Devo was about. But, yes, if that's what it is to you... Devo was so dead-on, it's sickening to think it.

Ray Cooter

whoa dudes harsh vibes... smoke a doobie brother


sarcasm can inspire such hateful rants... read between the lines big guy, and you might even smile, or are you too busy waging pointless internet warfare?

Panzram Futurechild

OK, "big guy." Last time I checked, sarcasm involved the use of an ironic remark -- the expression of one's meaning by using the words of opposite meaning. So, apparently, you were making fun of... what? Homosexuals? Devo? College Students? The author of the post? Because, apparently, you seem to be "sarcastically" patting someone on the back for his/her self-congratulatory denigration of what they don't understand. And, frankly, your poorly worded statement doesn't express sarcasm whatsoever without a final twist to clarify your point. A critical element of comedy is that the audience will understand that a punchline is at hand.


My ass smells like poop.


I have this fucked up feeling that Panzram Futurechild is really David Spade in disguise.


Fuck that Shit!!

Devo hates homos!


homos, poop, & weed...thats sounds like SanFran to me...guess its the only way to roll in that hood.


explaining my post to you is about as pointless as the braille instructions on a drive-up atm. im sick of interacting with people who are too fucking liberal (or conservative) for their own good - they always think theyre right, and they cant take a god damn joke. in hindsight, i admit my post was ambiguous, but such are the perils of communicating online. do you actually think that my roommate would have applied any meaning to that song other than it was the annoying song i liked to play when i was drunk? i was just trying to get a laugh out of him (he was kind of an uptight guy). im attempting to show that for as great a band devo was, certain people will never understand their concepts because they dont listen to music with the same kind of examination that the fucking nerds on the buddyhead blog do. i would like to point out that i would have to be the most self-important, ignorant fuckhead in the world to think that me playing a fucking devo song would have even the most minor factor in my roommates decision to come out. end of discussion. man, i gotta stop posting on this thing, i feel like a huge dork.

Ray Cooter

you said poop...


Devo and the Goodyear blimp, my hometown's only claims to fame and I'm okay with that. Actually the scene around Kent State was pretty decent like ten years ago- check out Harriet the Spy and Party of Helicopters.


andrew, Akron also shit out Maynard from Tool, Chrissie Hynde, Joe Walsh, The Black Key and The Bizarros.

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