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Tuesday, October 18, 2005



v2 going under? is that why the icarus line left/or got dropped?
whats the deal with that shit???


i like this better than the original shit

Andrew K.

These re-recordings seem kinda pointless to me, but anything from the first Gang Of Four record is great in my book, no matter how many horrible bands they've inspired.

Gang Of Four always wrote badass lyrics too.

John B.

This record is great. Saw these dudes at Across the Narrows in Brooklyn, and Travis is right. They rock the fucking shit, especially for dudes who kind of look like they're going to keel over at any moment, heart attack style.


There are a million things I'd wanna buy before re-recorded versions of songs that didn't really need to be re-recorded....this is cool to get a taste of for free though. Also Travis....are you into the band Vietnam at all? That's definitely a band I'd expect to have seen on here!


KInda useless, if you own entertainment you can listen to these songs in their original perfect form. Post the new propagandhi, it fucking slays.

Patrick Leggett

I didn't give a shit about Gang Of Four, and then I heard the rerecorded version of Damaged Goods on the Insound Radio, and I actually liked it. That's a good thing I think.


Hey, wait a second here. I'm 58 years old and find myself taking great offence to the geezer references sprinkled so liberally throughout this blogpost and it's comments section.
I've listened to a helluva lot of great music over the years and have known for a very long time how truly great 'Gang of Four' is.

Anyway, from an old dude who might just be ready to keel over, thanks for the GoF and Devo's a gem too, punk.


Wow, I'm going to have to pick this up. I was very skeptical since I have everything up to the 3rd LP but I really like these new versions.


What's the best GOF to start with, entertainment? is that their best?

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