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Thursday, October 27, 2005



great entery after some time (!!!), the crows are kick ass.
hope you miss your plane so you could post more for me.
cause I dont have a life and bla bla bla.....

Pharmaceutical Executive

Yes. Crowes fans unite. One of the rare bands that could go head to head with any of their "influences" and probably outplay them on any given night. Chris Robinson is a head! Dude listed Tower Recordings "Folk Scene," as one of his top 10 "On The Road" records a few years back. These guys are the real deal.

Satisfied '75

this may be my fave MEDICATION post yet. i love these guys...thanks for the tracks, I didnt have tickets to any of the nights.


Gotta love the Crowes....I'll never forget how out of place these dudes always seemed (in a good way) when their videos used to get played on MTV....great example of a band that always did their own thing regardless of how hip or unhip it was....and it's rad that they're into Devendra Banhart!


FUCK YEAH! You know, I've sat idly by for years while you guys sang the praises of Primal Scream. And I sat back and smiled to myself that you got it. And now this? God bless you. My boyfriend's gonna read this shit and think I'm sucking your dick, so I'll say no more. But rock on.


thank u for the update, sir. i was scared to speak up cuz u usually make fun of those kind of peeps, so i stayed silently sad.


oh,and for a guy who hate's NYC you go there alot.


i don't think he hates new york shitty, it's san fran., and well, everything besides la and nyc is what he hates


what's his favorite color? I wonder...


whats in ny?


You have the worst grammar and punctuation, ever. Does it matter? No. But, I'd brush up on it if I were writing as much as you.


Any band that fucking ripped it up with jimmy page is completely fucking rad in my book.

Ryan Thomas

Yeah that time he rocked with Puff Daddy was awesome!


sin city.. great song.. GRAM PARSONS and the flying buritto brothers one of my favorite people in the entire blue sky

Al B

Where can I get the rest of this album? I can't find it anywhere....


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