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Thursday, December 29, 2005



Fuck Yeah! A new Mudhoney record is just what the world needs to show kids what rock n roll is and that Thrice and Avenge Sevenfold are not "hardcore." Thank You Mark Arm and Co.

Patrick Leggett

Mudhoney's one of the few bands that simply doesn't fuck around.


Hey there! I saw Mudhoney live in November when they opened for Pearl Jam here in Brazil. It was awesome, they played "Hard On For War". They sounded great. BTW, nice job with the mp3 blog, man.


wow now there's people from brazil are getting down with the head.


hey ! also "the head" is coming to Argentina.
Anyway, I saw them here in Buenos Aires when they opened for Pearl Jam. Da - best - gig - I - ever - seen - in my life. And I concrete my dream of meeting Mark Arm, Steve Turner, Dan Peters and Guy Maddison.
The new songs kick some serious ass.

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