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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Dave, Fullerton CA

Get some shite from Elliott Smiths "From a basement on the hill 2" up. Or even better, get a link for somewhere that we can buy/download it. his last remaining work, spread the word. Yo!


not heard of google Dave?


Dave lives in Fullerton.


Didn't Josh Homme do a mix for the DFA1979 remix album? I guess he has to put food on the table somehow now that he has a child and all.

I still love DFA1979 even with that disappointment. No band is perfect. Their remix of Bloc Party's Luno is sick tho. I don't care what anyone says. And Nick Zinner's mix isn't bad either.

Congratulations to Josh Homme and Brody. Not that they'll ever read this.


unbelievable list here.. jesus i can't say that I disagree with anything on here. I especially love the BRMC, Black Eyed Peas, 311, Scott Stap, Stones and Queens entries.. fukin right ON BRO!!


Sleater-Kinney shoulda made the Best list.

satisfied 75

i need to check out that low album you listed


get the board back


whats with this modwheelmood shit?

i've never heard of that band and you guys only mention it on the front page...


why do you guys like that BRMC-Howl so much. Its sounds like bon jovi blues. some songs are ok, but i swear a lot of it is fucking bon jovi. no joke.


modwheelmood is alessandro cortini's (NIN) band. oh and brmc sound nothing like bon jovi man.

Ryan R

i don't know about being down with jesus, but i'm definitly down with drugs.

fuck yeah

- Ryan

Ryan R

i don't know about being down with jesus, but i'm definitly down with drugs.

fuck yeah

- Ryan


Bon Jovi Blues. hahahaha. Personally, I don't think it does but...gotta respect that shit


I'm surprised that Story of the Year's new album isn't on the Worst Records list.

Other than that, awesome list as always.


why wasn't that fag Jared Leto's band not included on the worst of '05 list.

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