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Monday, January 09, 2006



hi,Travis. i think you'd better put the link to BRMC's official site.


yeah you BETTER or mui is COMIN TO GETCHA!!!


total poser here. thanks for the linkie.


i hear the copy protection on the cd howl is fuckin up peoples shit...


This post is great, now every time I'm feeling a little down about myself, I can at least take comfort in the fact that I'm not the kind of guy who's so eager to read a Best/Worst of 05 list that I'd actually e-mail someone about it.


Awsome track. I'm really jazzed that the Head of all people dig "Howl." It is indeed a fine record.

I saw BRMC with the Rapture last year and they played, what is now my favourite track off Howl - Complicated Situation. It was wonderful.

Keep up the good tunes.


Its not one of my fav bands, but they're ok. Word on the street is that they're heading Argentina on April.
We will see.


thank you, Travis :)

Geeks, Nerds and Weirdos

Howls the album I cant listen to sober.
Great album though, some nice wee tunes on it.


one time i was sitting on the patio at my friend's house in stdio city just chillin, pretty drunk and probably pretty faded, when these two dorkus fashion-queens show up and introduce themselves as being from elefant. one of them asked me to get him some alcohol and then i left and drank whiskey by myself. what that's my story.


Travis, you should post when you DJ at The fonda and The El Rey so We all know when there is going to be good music in between bands. my friends and i think you are super hotness.


thank god there's gonna be a best/worst of, it's so funny


Not as good as the earlier stuff.


this is so much better than their early shit. the early stuff is poor mans spacemen 3


Am I the only one who actually thinks their other albums were really good too??


i saw the fukin show at hotel cafe and it was sick until that weasely kid came out with Peter Hayes. just put pete up there with a fukin guitar and a harp and let him go...


BRMC are the coolest band around..if you don't get it then you prob never will get anything "cool" and you'll just be a dork forever


even though they sound a little like bon jovi. is that richie sambora on guitar?

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