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Monday, January 02, 2006


tommy moniker

thank you. beautiful.


I'd be into this if I was gay or a woman.

Dave Clifford

...and also not a total dipshit, Sammy.

Sorry, forgot to mention that in the post -- "this will not appeal to utter dipshits."


Brilliantly written. Wow, I think I'd like to sit and talk over beers with Mr. Clifford.


I'm a dipshit and i like this. guess you are wrong davey poo.


I can spot a dave clifford entry within half a sentence.


i want a best/worst of 2005


this site has major problems on firefox and on older browswers.


I'm on foxfire now and it works fine. what are you smoking? and can i have some?


Not that into it, but it's cool to see something a little different on here....Dave Clifford posts = good.


scared of chaka should be the next post. some straight up punk would be nice for a change. wordd.


this stuff is ace man.

its a bit bum posting 3 of 4 tracks of their ep, coz now i wont buy it! but still, i really like this, cant wait for an album.


Sammys right Dave that stuff is pretty gay.


"in heaven there is no heat" played in my head for two days. the harmonies are sick. i fully plan on seeing this group at arthurball thanks, dude.

NYC Cops Drugs

did you call Cold Sweat Records "visionary"? what the fuck is wrong with you? That shit is the reason los angeles produces approximately zero good music. zero. starlite desperation? lordy.

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