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Tuesday, February 14, 2006



Hipsters are too scared to listen to this record.

Poor them.


The guy who ripped this to MP3 for the first time is a national hero.


This is the best live Neil Young album.. maybe the best album period.

Heres a petition to have this released on cd:


The first two songs are encoded "NY-LA.mp3". There are three versions of the same song. Someone fix this please.


Schmucks fix up the links... Three are linked to LA.


Be a dude and post the other four songs??? Shit rules.


yes please post the other 4 tracks

neils Dad

you can get the tracks here


got a vinyl copy but my record player's broken
so thanks

Justin Broderick

These 4 tracks posted at the top are FAR BETTER QUALITY than the quality of the tracks posted at the link above ( If you click the link, be prepared for some scratches, some hiss, and a high-pitched squeal barely audible throughout the whole ripping.

This album is one of Neil's best...if only someone could post the rest of the songs in the same quality as the 4 at the top...but thanks for at least getting those up there...I too have it on vinyl and have wanted good quality CD versions for a thanks

Bryan Swirsky

fuck the exploited, neil young is punk! this is the one record he refuses to rerelease and the bootleggers have been making a fortune off this one for a long, long time. bless you, buddyheads and go see the new lou reeds when they hit your town.


Dude, thank u so much for converting this album. one of his best is now on my ipod

Steve Renninger

I bought this album when it frist came out, sure was nice to hear it again and would like to hear the rest of it, thanks Buddyhead for the blast from the past:}

Steve Renninger

Anyone know how to burn Time Fades Away to a CD? I've been trying but to no vail:{


The Black Crowes cover the track LA. They played it last night at the Greek theater in LA. I had never heard the song before and stumbled on this page by searching for song lyrics etc. Waiting for the download.


Neil's best? Maybe. I listened to this album when it first came out. It heralded the spilt between the Neil fans who loved his acoustic work, and the rest of us. Time Fades is a scare to those mellow sensibilities. Not as dark, I think, as Tonight's the Night, but damn great. I've had these songs in my head for over 25 years and finally hear them again---Thanks--now let's get this one on CD!!!


I have the rest of the album, but cannot find any info on how to put it on the site. If someone can please help me with this, I'll put the rest of the songs up asap. Thanks!!

Travis Keller

it's all up here homeboy... here's part 2

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