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Monday, March 20, 2006



Dude. San Diego isn't that gay. I mean, you live in fuckin' L.A., right? That said, BHP's new album is rad and everyone should check it out. You can download a podcast interview I did with Pall and Toby here:

Travis Keller

LA rules dude... dont' get angry cuz you live in Sandy Gaygo... you can move whenever you want.


Thank you so much for this post. I really can't wait for the new album...


I was taken to a Hillcrest bar last Sunday in San Diego, and believe me that was the GAYEST experience in my life...and believe me I live in LA and those homos dont act like that...Weho has more class than any SD butt-pirate!

San Dimas High Football Rules!

San Diegan

So you went to the gay neighborhood and a gay bar and you're surprised that it was GAY!? and by the way, i've been to gay bars in l.a. and there are plenty of shirtless homos running around. just sayin' ...

Travis Keller

Yeah, but NOTHING is cool in San Diego.


Isnt Swami based of San Diego? Would kill for some new/unreleased Hot Snakes.

Geraldo Rivera

This has nothing to do with the blackheart post butttt....

Buddy head people, I just watched the Josh Homme-PJ Harvey video for "Crawl Home". Assuming this was before the girl from the Distillers, did Homme boy crush it during those desert sessions? Give us some dirt.


three mile pilot owns everybody. Im pumped for the new album.


Did you guys actually put this out?

lasting lastful lasting

these dudes boreeeeeeeeeeee me.

lastinf lastful lasting

come on, post some modest know you want to.


i hope youre trying to be ironic cuz modest mouse is right fucking boring


fuck L.A.


That Blach Hearts Procession is the best shit I've heard recently. As soon as you get some new songs from the new album you should post it.
Nos pillamos!

yo mama

i live in san diego, and it is gay as shit. there's like 5 dudes for every chick here. and every dork is trying to look tougher than the next one. plenty of tattoos and jacked-up trucks to compensate for their small dicks. you're all homos

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