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Monday, April 17, 2006



This kind of reminds me of when The Stones would do country songs.


What if my favorite band is Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show? I mean, it's not, but what if it was? Who goes off harder?

Travis Keller

Whoa, you just blew my mind... that's a good question. Maybe they should tour together and find out!


Hey! I'm in that video! I'm in that band, too!


I totally dig it. It's way different then than the last three records. Bobby's voice just sounds great over anything though. I'm not big a fan of "Give Out..". I just hope it gets a stateside release. Travis, you seem to have small connection to the band, can you give us a heads up if you hear anything?


Man, that tune sucks....I'll try and stay optimistic for this new record anyway!

John Bultner

I like this new songs, can't wait to hear the rest. Hopefully it's better than the last time they tried to go rock n roll and country. "Give out" sucks.


I'm going to lay this out. "Give out..." is not a bad album. Yeah, Primal Scream have made better albums: but if 90% of bands out now dropped that album you'd think it was rad. Tell me if BRMC made "Give Out..." instead of "Howl" cats wouldn't still be acting like it was the sceond coming of fucking christ. This track is sick, Computer generated lasso calligraphy is sick, Nudie suits are sick, and 'Scream still baggin' the skankiest models I've ever seen in their videos is sick.

John Bultner

"Give Out" is a pile of shit. You're telling me you like "FUNKY JAM" or anything pas track two? "(I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind"? You are high and so were they.

%^$%^ &

when recording "Give Out", Bobby was for sure listening to plenty of johnny thunders,,,,, in fact, thats why he covers "Born to Lose" on that live from japan the way, anything bobby records is gold,, so if he decides for his next 20 albums to record these black crowes, thunders albums,, its cool with me and it should be cool with you toooooooooooo

John Bultner

Yeah... FUNKY JAM is sick....


I think George fuckin' Clinton produced Funky Jam right? Bobby tells you to get funky repeatedly. Then, some imaginedly obese African-American woman tells you to do the same forever. That is rad. Period. Oh yeah, and yes I am on drugs. So were they. Yes.


I wasnt so sure about Country Girl but after a few listens Im starting to dig it, any word if Primal Scream will be hitting the States at some point to tour? Also Clinton did produce funky jam, and I think "Give Out" is very underrated. I was curious if there were any comps. that contain some of their early b-sides because I got a received a couple of live shows from the late 80s and didnt recogize some of the songs.


suits with pills trump palm trees anyday. gram was smart to die with dignity, this just is painful. maybe if he did more duets with kate hoover moss id eat my words. she butchers some velvet morning its forgivable due to the sheer hotness factor.

Anni NavENJ

Oh god this is so cool....... thxxx so much for putting up more Primal Scream..... Im so wet


I prefer this Primal Scream video:

Mount Florida Provo


What was this download? I got an error message when I clicked on it.

Mount Florida Provo

It was the Riot City Blues album


Damn, oh well a few more weeks til it comes out.

Frank Meeuwsen

Who is the girl in that video? She looks familiar...

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