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Friday, April 28, 2006



Keller, Keller, Keller. I cannot believe you are more psyched about watching Pearl Jam than Sonic Youth. Just the fact they're still rockin without plastic hips is alone applaudable. I think their new album is sick as fuck even though this track reminds me of my grandpa talking about fucking or whatnot. The fucking wailin' solo at the end makes this shit. Y'know that last album they dropped was rad too.


I haven't listened to Sonic Youth in forever either. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Travis, you have excellent taste in beer! Yeah I'd so join your tailgate party if I lived out there.


I've been sitting on this album pretty for almost a month now, and it's a great, great fucking Sonic Youth album. I've often wondered why it is that Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth go on tour together though...they did this in 2000 also, didn't they? Of course they did. What an insane pairing of dissimilar bands, but I don't care cuz I'll still go check them out.


Please Stop talking about Pearl Jam, especially while discussing Sonic Youth.


If the day comes when that's possible, I'll be the first to applaud.


sounds like he needs to lay off the chimay beer and joints for a little while


Yo Travis..Whens the Vine Bar gunna stock that Chimay shit youre claimin..and wheres my shots b4 midnight that youre advertisin?


You know, I own just about every Sonic Youth album and I hardly ever listen to them either.

Anni NavENJ

Oh god....... how do they do it...... this song rocks........ its kind of crazy..... they r just too good..... I dont think this album will beat Murray Street though I totally loved that album heaps... XXX

Anni NavENJ

Wow I remember when Buddyhead were cool..... but now they give shit to Sonic Youth... praise Pearl Jam.... used to have a guitarist in Icarus Line...... now have one playing in Nine Inch Nails tribute band..... and they give shit to cool bands like Tegan and Sara, The Faint and The Anniversary..... and then hang out with lame celebrities... least they have admitted they r not cool anymore so I will give u that Travis....


Damn, I wish I could tailgate but I dont live in LA, oh well, I still got tanked on the chimay at my local watering hole. I know you probably have these JAMC shows travis, but could I trade you for some primal scream shows? If not, its cool, I got some chimay goblets waiting for more drink.


amen Anni


The new SY album is cool, I've been listening to it for a few weeks....kinda sounds like the last album, except the tunes are shorter...I own every Sonic Youth album and actually DO listen to them somewhat often.

I also have a general unrelated question for the readers of the Buddyhead blog or the bloggers themselves.....does anyone here listen to any hip-hop at all? I've always wondered.

Ryan R.

i listen to hip-hop. but really only the kind that is about getting fucked up. when i'm not in school i'm really in no mood to talk/think about socially concious stuff. "stay fly" from three six mafia is one of my top ten favorite songs of all time. and really, who wouldn't want to stay fly 'til they die? i know i sure as fuck would. in 10 years i'll look like the dudes from the medicine show. sign me up!

- Ryan


I used to listen to hip hop a lot, but it gets boring after a while. The subject matter rarely changes, and I don't see a heck of a lot of creativity coming out of the genre much anymore. There are some great mixtapes that go around, but a million mediocre ones as well.


I saw Sonic Youth in Cleveland with Wilco. They tore up the fucking stage. By the time Wilco started to play it was embarrasing to hear them try and keep up. The worst part of the evening was listening to all the hipsters complain about how Sonic Youth were "too noisey."

The last two Sonic Youth albums were almost as good as their Sister/Daydream Nation shit. I can't wait to hear the new album.


hipsters like wilco? why is it ok to like wilco and not pearl jam?

Jacky Boy

Word up, Sonic Youth is a killa. Not so sure about P-Jam. And talking shit about Tegan & Sara/The Anniversary is not a bad thing. Smokin j's with Sonic Youth would be a badass day. If they even smoke? (too old?)

Donny Barko

I'll be at the tailgate, in fact I'll bring an egg salad and some Chimay for you guys. Where's it gonna be? South enterance?

King of Zing

Reminds me of the old standby

What do hipsters' (who like Sonic Youth) grandmother and Kim Gordon have in common?

Their Age!


Good Lord, Tegan & Sara is the worst s--t ever. Why do all the carpets dig them so much?


Just because I drink urine doesnt make me a lesbian...... I never said Tegan and Sara were the best band..... just that they kick Pearl Jam..... which they do


the song is just so sonic youth, all i have to say, lets see if i can hear an entire sonic youths album this time, without getting so tired


^hehe....damn mexican

Tegan and Sara

Please stop defending us, we suck on a massive scale. We were playing for Sting and he fell asleep, that's how boring we are.

On our next tour we're going to play at kids soccer games, we'll be sponsored by VH1 and we've got this rad Nissan Quest to drive around in*. See you on the road!

*point being: we're very boring, there's no reason to listen us

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