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Friday, April 28, 2006


Tegan and Sara

Just to let u know when Sting falls asleep thats a sign u r playing decent music.... and we mostly live in gutters and dont sell out like say.... ummm Pearl Jam.... ummm Nine Inch Nails.... ummmm Get naked with me and then u will like my music more maybe


Is there any relationship between tegan and sara or between sara and tegan?
Let me know of what I am talking about

Anni Navenj

I think Tegan and Sarah r related just like u r related to my urine.... that is why I like u so much... wait Sonic Youth r cool luv them.... Green Light ace song..... Listen to Sister every nite


R.R. is an okay album...i've heard various Sonic Youth songs over the years and always liked them but never bothered to buy an this is the first SY album i've purchased and its ok...i'd listen to it if i was working on something or had a long car drive and needed some mellow music...i know that not everything they do is like R.R. but it works for me

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