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Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Being from Canada, I've been (like I'm sure, many others) wondering for years why Nardwuar hasn't just either got his own TV show. It's never enough seeing him on Going Coastal. Of course, I don't even have cable anymore, so I don't know if it's still on. There's no point to having cable if there's no Nardwuar show.

the great Callout Boy

Travis must be getting older and lamer as predicted, or started subscribing to HighTimes, because this is way too much Canadian shit to let slide. Our cuddly fur-trapping friends to the north RARELY (like 5 times in the last half century) produce quality product, and this surely does NOT include: the New Pornographers, Barenaked Ladies, Broken Social Scene, Alanis, Dave Coulier, nor the f---ing Evaporators!! (it does however include a little heard band from Prince Edward Island called Strawberry) Another reason to regret NAFTA.


Nardwuar does the best interviews.


Whoa, the dudes in AFI are dorks.

Headline police

Uh, shouldn't that be Nardwuar VS. AFI? Isn't Vs. the correct abbreviation for the word versus? Is the extra period like some new indie abbreviation that the rest of us aren't hip to yet?

Oh hey, whats up?

The V.S. does not stand for Versus. It stands for Van Stone, a critically acclaimed band out of Palmdale, CA.


I have this LP and it is pretty good, but I wouldn't ever say the Evaperators were my favourite Canadian band. That title would probably go to either Bionic or the Nasty On. Narduar is one hilarious guy though.

douglas douche

Best canadian band ever gotta be Eric's Trip!! or C'mon


C'mon's live show is pretty incredible, but their albums just don't grab me all the way through.


I'm a pop whore and that Evaporators video was something else. Nice outfits. Great band. Sorta like if the Byrds met my crippling case of ADHD.

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