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Wednesday, May 17, 2006



"One part Primal Scream, one part The Stone Roses and a dab of The Rolling Stone thrown in for good measure."

They've got at least one part Happy Mondays, too. Especially the guy's voice. Why don't the Mondays ever get any love these days?


yeah I feel you... my friend that is into all that electro clash bullshit, or whatever, gave me this record and said I might dig it. I was hesitant at first, cause well, his music choice sometimes sucks. It took a few months afterwards to really get it, and now I agree, they are definitely one of the better "new" bands. I'm pretty partial to the song "Cutt Off," which reminds me of Vanishing Point era Primal Scream a lot, and I think its one of their best. They also have this neat version of The Stone Roses song "Processed Waterfall." Its pretty interesting. Cheers man, for adding this. I think its a good choice...

tsui pi

I caught the band last year and man, do they put on a good show. It probably was the massive amount of weed in the air (not to mention, I stood beside three people who had four joints going), but the band was pretty damn good.


I'm quiet surprised this bad was added. I saw them and i thought they were alright but the more i heard them the less i liked them. I thought it was more of a pose than anything else. But club foot is a good song, i will give them that.


I love these guys. Good to see they are now on your radar :)

jf whiteside

dude, im calling bullshit on these guys. i will say though, that this is one of my "guilty pleasures" kinda records, where the songs are good, and kinda catchy to boot. but fuck these fuckers need to change their act to be the real deal. no more putting your songs on bran/car commercials guys (it would be perfectly ok, if you didnt have such staunch politics), playing live to a processors is for weenies, you guys are from the midlands (poseurs), and i WOULD have bought your record, but someone seriously fucked up the bass during recording. i mean who records a dance record without decent low-end? oh...the british. TURN UP THE BASS MOTHERFUCKERS!!! oh and shaun ryder is expecting a check in the mail...

Lightnin' Hopkins

Alright! Buddyhead is dead. Travis, to paraphrase one of your favourite bands Oasis, where did it all go wrong?? You know these geeks modelled for Vogue? Real deal, rock and rock eh?

You heard Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things? I hear they are pretty amazing too...


"LSF" is a good tune, it actually tricked me into buying this album like a year ago....there are like 3 good songs on the whole record in my opinion....maybe it's just me, but I guess I'm at a point where I want to hear new sounds, not rehashes of records I already own. I dunno, it just kinda feels pointless to me to listen to these guys if I have Vanishing Point and XTRMNTR on the shelf, but different strokes for different folks I suppose.


travis, i'm surprised you dig kasabian... with their Primal Scream ripping, i thought it could go either way. they closed with "club foot" at the henry fonda a while back and the singer looked so fucked up that he was on the verge of collapse. this huge tweaked-out black dude was going apeshit with his girlfriend right next to me, and it was scary.


These dudes are okay, more of a guilty pleasure than anything else. I agree with everyone above that if you have any stone roses or primal scream records, it's nothing you have not heard before.


Most of you haven't heard the new Primal Scream I can tell, which is medicore at best. Kasabian is better than "Riot City Blues"


I dont know, Ive been listening to it alot lately and I like the fact that they're going back to a more rock based sound. I enjoy it just not when the album slows down.


Kasiabian are absolute shit. I saw them about 2 years ago before their album came out playing to about 20 people and they were fucking awful.

Anni Navenj

Im going to go out on a lim here and say they r ok I guess.... not that great but not the best new band around.... Id rather listen to ummmm Iron On or Ladytron.... ha..ha... if u r talking about models that is... maybe some Lindsay Lohan remixed

ryan r.

i'd like to remix lindsay lohans area


i saw these guys about a year ago (more by accident than on purpose, i had some downtime at a festival) and they were god awful. the lead singer wants to channel ian brown and bobby gillespie, but all he does is dance around like a total fucking goofball, while trying to look "sexy" and "dangerous". theyre basically a tribute act to late 80s early 90s manchester stuff. go buy screamadelica and leave this over-processed garbage on the shelf.

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