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Monday, May 01, 2006



this post could not have come at a more appropriate time. i'm on major mudhoney and spacemen 3 kicks. love both of these songs and both versions.


I always thought that Mudhoney got screwed during that whole Seattle grunge thing. I love the Freewheelin' Mark Arm seven incher.


Spacemen 3 piss on Mudhoney.


Cool I really like these two songs..... By the way Travis is gay and listens and dances to The Arctic Monkeys on his iPod before he goes to sleep every nite..... singing along like a schoolgirl... and we r taking music medication from him...... he sucks in bed too XXXXX Anni N

Rick Hudson

While we're on the subject of Mark Arm- lets not forget "Monkey Wrench" The fucked up blues burn out with Steve Turner.... This is definitely worth listening to.

Ryan R.

i'll listen to these tomorrow, today i'm only listening to "white light/white heat".

i almost saw mudhoney a couple of years ago at SxSW. i'm kicking myself for not actually going in, but there were weird vibrations all around me and i had to get outta austin.

- Ryan


is it wrong that I just played 2 hours of grunge on my radio show because travis keeps plug'n the seattle sound?


some of that older seattle stuff is pretty good. I just re-bought Superunknown for $1 at a garage sale a few weeks ago. what a great fuckin' album. speaking of Seattle, anyone remember TAD? good shit. speaking of Seattle, might as well bring up Sub Pop. two words: Rein Sanction. fucking AWESOME guitar work. would've been great to see them tour. okay, i'm done.


dude, TAD is hella tight! does anyone remember the U-Men?


hey i was listening to superfuzz big muff the other day and i thinking what the best mudhoney song and i still think its there cover of the dicks 'hate the police'. I like both versions but that cover is, i dare say, better and i think their best 'moment.' Opinions?


Hate the Police is a great song, one of their best.

douglas douche

Rein Sanction is still together and are probably still touring


Favorite Mudhoney song is "Good Enough." They're one of the best bands to come out of the whole grunge phenomenon, along with Melvins, Nirvana, and Soundgarden. That shit's the real Seattle Four.


Arent you forgetting Mother Love Bone?


Mudhoney piss on Spaceman 3. Sure Sonic Boom looked like an idiot after not releasing the 7" inch.
U-Men is classic. They were the shit in the early 80s.
Anyway, Im rejoying myself with my brand new Mudhoney DVD show in CA back in 1989. Awesome !

Colonel Qataffy

Mudhoney kicks ass, I saw Mark Arm with the MC5 and I'm seeing Mudhoney in the the next month. Buddyhead has to change their slogan though, that shitty ska band lessthanjake has a new album coming out called In With The Out Crowd. I sincerely apologize for bumming you out, but blame lessthanjake for trying to steal that creamy buddyhead goodness. At least you guys only heard about it like this, I had to see the horrible video for their shitty new song on godawful Muchmusic. If Aaron isn't still rubbing his dick against it, post something from that Stooges box set in honor of them recording a new album.


hahaha,it's true about lessthanjake. i smell lawsuit




I just listened to Tomorrow Never Hits and I realised they rip off Wire! And even at the end Mark mutters "that's the lowdown", Colin Newman style... I love it.


I don't know who released it because it doesn't say anywhere but that 7inch is out there. I got it at glitterhouse, suppop's german dependance in the 80s/90s.


Pretty sure buddyhead got that from an awesome Jesus and Mary Chain Song, while lessthanjake are referring to being popular with flaming gays.


That is totally unfair to the flaming gays. Less Than Jake are clearly refering to being "down" with the whole Dungeon and Dragons scene.


has anyone heard that "ultra-limited" bootleg that willie carruthers is passing around? its from the laser guided melodies sessions, and has spacemen 3/Velvet Underground covers and all kinds of peel sessions and shit...


Fucking geeks. It`s 2006 and you`re still excited about Spacemen 3 and Mudhoney.

Travis Keller

Yeah it's 2006 and I'm still stoked on The Beatles, Black Sabbath and The Stooges too.

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