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Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Oasis goes off...thanks Travis!


Thanks... Whatever/Octopus Garden Link doesn't seem to work.. for me.

Travis Keller

Oops... should be cool now.


Oasis rule, no doubt.


slide away: dang, too lazy/jaded to listen. they covered my fave verve track though it seems. barring two songs, storm in heaven=best comedown ever.


Trying to win us back with Oasis.... ok it worked... This is too cool for school... XXX


Attn: all hipsters

please stop abusing me. everytime I'm abused, an angel loses its wings and crashes on a pediatric cancer ward, not killing anyone, but severely crippling all those in the ward. stop crippling kids with cancer!


how could you be an oasis fan and not have heard about their "unplugged" show where liam claimed to have throat problems so noel took over vocal duties while liam drank champagne and heckled from the balcony. fucking classic.


Is the song Talk Tonight on there? I really dig that one. It could be ultra "it's our last year of college, let's sit around and smoke weed and jam to this awesome song" as it was presented to me. But maybe that's ok.


Oasis, the Best !


Oasis, the Best Band of Universe !!!

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