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Wednesday, May 17, 2006



These dudes are tricking everyone. This blows.


The live recordings I heard of these guys convinced me of their awesome. Jack White keeps winning.

Anyways, trim the fat bitches? I dunno. Like, trim 'em "down there?" I always imagine fat bitches know they're fat and just kind of let everything run willy-nilly or do the whole rearranging deck chairs on the titanic thing and make sure it's real tidy. Either way, I stay away from fat bitch trim, though "trim the fat bitches" would make for a nice bumper sticker.


i'm pretty sure he meant to not put filler songs on the album.


Saw these guys play Irving Plaza in NYC, this shit is the real deal.


i'm pretty sure he sarcasm is completely lost on you


I think they are pretty good to arent they called The Sabatouers... haha... Oh god.... Im bored.. but they r good... I like the song Steady as she goes its better than the rest of the album

fat white

Brendan Benson is creepy


I am downloading the tracks now. They have the greatest website i have ever seen, reminds me of the old BBS days before the internet which holds a place in my heart. Curious if the songs are as good as the website.. though I must say i am a Brendan Benson fan... his LP only release that he recorded with Jason Falkner is great, once I get my record player back I should rip that stuff and post it here. Good shite.


OMG!!! They DO have the best website...Brings back memories.


axl rose got his ass kicked by tommy hilllllllfigggeerrrrr


buddyhead and other buddys, the video should be seen at SHRN(check the link below) instead. YouTube sucks a dong.


"Trimming the fat?'" Christ, if they'd have done that the album would have been 12 minutes long.

Actually, not a bad thing, really.

Two weeks until Primal Scream, motherfuckers.

Ryan R.

fuck everything except for drugs.

- Ryan


I think Benson's songs are fairly lame compared to the Jack songs...and the good ones are good because Jack rocks his own ass off (Store Bought Bones).

I do like that these guys have a record that's about 30 minutes long. That's the way to do it, none of this 75-minute crap.


Saw them at Amoeba in SF. Jack White can play the shit out of a guitar. They're all such incredible musicians that it's hard to find anything wrong with them. Still, though... there's something about them that seems dull to me. Their consistency made me bored and I left early. I prefer the weirder Jackie White.


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