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Tuesday, October 17, 2006



I thought his Nirvana book was better than Charles Cross'. I didn't like all the boring childhood stuff.


those shots are fuckin sick. somebody took photography in school.


if he hated herself let him die!

that dum has nothing to do with the hc punk comunity.

Prof. Loafenstein

How about some more posts? I know it's free but 4 posts over a month? This is less like a music blog and more like a music log. Of poop.


Donate some money if you're going to bitch.


They probably have better things to do at the moment like getting ready their CMJ shows. ps- Neath the Pale Moon is quite good.

Mr. Douchebag

The only reason Kurt Cobain is still "popular" is because he killed himself. If he was around today he'd just be another whiny, washed up rock star from the 90's.

Yes Nirvana was good...but the fact he killed himself immortalised them.

This does not interest me.

For I am a Douchebag.

eric shawn

how do we know the azerrad book is all lies, i must ask? 0_o

its weird to hear someone, and in this case kurdt talk about there feelings. i dont know many people that care about feelings, its sad.

*speaks like a redneck* "feelings wont put food on the table."

ill go see this movie for sure. i need entertainment to distract me from the pain and the inevitable death staring us all in the face.

Mike 18

Thank GOD, You found out something, that this world realy need.

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