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Tuesday, November 21, 2006



when you say possible blog entries, do you mean ideas or full entries?


you are the shite!! i only wished i had more (quota wise) in common with your taste in music.

sorry i repsonded to give kudo's..
..spank me if you think i need one for this...


Thanks awesome people for offering free hosting locations!

It is Thanksgiving after all.


I'll post more when I'm not on tour! I have been listening to the new Tom Petty lately.. I like that record.. nice production too. That and conspiracy theory podcasts. Can I post about that Travis? well maybe i can opst something musical and have a segueway into conspiracy theory podcasts. yeah.. that's the ticket!

Angelo Santostefano

here's a post for you douches, get high and listen to the zombies oddessey and oracle. Time of the seasons, care of cell 44, instant classic

miles michaud

hey shelbot, try coming up with something unique, or a bit more esoteric, like maybe something I didn't do in 9th grade. Odessey & Oracle is a great album, sure, but you might as well be telling us to play dark side of the moon to wizard of oz or something. You one of those midwest kids?

miles michaud

damn I read that shit wrong, I should be talking to angelo santostefano. I would make a remark about the name, too, but all I can think about is veal parmigiana right now.


I'm sorry to see you go, you're a really funny writer. You're better with insults and exclamation points than anyone else I know.

What are you gonna do now?


to be honest i kinda lot the emo and other kind of music

but this blog of yours is cool, too bad that u never will post mp3's again

i was downloading and hearing all the music that u say. haha and its great i like it.

see ya round

Wacko Jacko

Check Check. Peep my resume. I sent it to your box. Mothersballa whips it good.


Travis before you stop doing that shit post some clips(or the whole thing) from that jamc dvd you mentioned in some interview that other buddyhead site did with you.


Speaking of JAMC, Travis when is that 3-disc Bsides collection coming out?


Travis, what do you think of the new Brakes album?


Is the store going to get more zip up hoodies in stock soon?


They have them in stock now.


Merchlackey keeps saying out of stock.


I just checked the site... looks like they're reprinted em all...


thanks for clearing that up.

Designer Handbagsz

"It's not because of fate, it's because of Tequila" That may be the best thing I have ever read in my whole life!




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