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Thursday, December 21, 2006


adam_of_black_earth or whatever or freaks

this new fugazi project is cool. i love joe's writing especially on burners like fugazi's "by you". these songs sound pretty cool, much mellower than aforementioned band...

the aquarium was kinda okay. i think they should of named the song "golden shower" IMHO for a more provocative title.


Ahh the Galaxy Hut. One of my favorite venues to play in the DC area. Shelby, you and friends should come to the Blagden Alley skate park party for New Years Eve if you're in the area. Don't tell the cops. You should also listen to DC Porno-core Wunderkind, C-Rex. Honey Dipped Blunt is my personal favorite. Thanks for the Dischord tips.


Shelby is stoked on blunts!

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