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Monday, January 29, 2007



I wondered if you guys got Bo' over there, obviously you've got the 'in the USA' one at least. The Michael Jackson bit never, ever gets old.

Adam Bass

Yeah, I agree, those are two really good movies, better than most that I've seen in a while. The new David Lynch film was really interesting too. Laura Dern is awesome in it, and the plot (or lack thereof) runs like a fever dream. If you got 3 hours to kill, go check it out.

Adam Bass

oh yeah, and check out ... Bob Odenkirk just updated his "Thingy", and he makes a pretty funny joke out of the evil creature from Pan's Labyrinth...


I just knew these were the movies you were going to recommend. There isn't shit esle to see.


these are the two best movies that came out last year... children of men just barely edges out pan's labyrinth in my book. now go see "the departed", its fucking killer. what i want to know is how marky mark became such a good actor. he got nominated for an oscar, and i shit you not, he buries every other actor in this film (including jack nicholson)!


wow...what the fuck just happened? that jenny mcarthy speechless, for once....


Yes - Pan's Labyrinth reminded me of all the good things about movie-going. Not quite what I expected but wonderful.

(And enough with the teeth jibes!!)


Children of Men was a real yawn fest. I don't see why it's getting all the hoopla. Sure there were some cool action scenes near the end of the movie, but the ending sucked and the plot was convoluted and pretty far fetched. Now the Departed, that's a movie! Hopefully Scorsese will finally get an Oscar for all the badass movies he's made including this one. I also highly recommend Little Miss Sunshine. That movie is a fucking riot, and well made as well. Consider yourselves schooled.


who comes up with movie titles? who thought "Little Miss Sunshine" sounded like a winner? the same genius who vetted "Million Dollar Baby"? now The Departed, that is a good name for a movie. at the ticket counter i can say "two for The Departed" and not feel like a total gaywad.

marky mark was the only reason i agreed to see Invincible, and he didn't disappoint there either.

ryan r.

am i the only one tripping out over jenny mccarthy going down a bear?!

- Ryan


ryan -
i think it was just a man pretending to be a bear. look closer.

ryan R.

oh, you're right. i was under the impression that ALL bears speak in british accents. how could i have been so stupid? there aren't any bears in england, anyway!

- Ryan


Pan's Labyrinth ~ Has to have one of the most hate-able bad guys I've seen in a long time, as well as that creepy eyeless thingy. Hope this wins something, it's got so many levels and is so well done.

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