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Friday, February 23, 2007




i wish i could slug people and not get arrested.

i think liam should get like a potatoe gun or a tazer so he doesnt screw up his hands fighting and he can concentrate on writing catchy brit pop.

or..start a black metal band and really get all his aggression out.

although that guy standing outside photography him and his family while they are out and about is really slimey. maybe it was a cop.

he wrote morning glory and that song rules, as does wonderwall. he is a cool guy, like the tommy lee of brit pop. plus travis and twiggy aka jeordie white are obsessed with their music. he is allowed to punch out or kill any person he damn well pleases.


liam didn't write morning glory or wonderwall. noel did.

agreed he's a cool dude, though.


noel = verbal assault
liam = physical assault

These guys are the fucking best.

Marty E.

Who the fuck to these paparazzi scumtwats think they are passing judgement on his parenting skills when they can't even leave the guy alone long enough to have a stroll with his old lady and his kid?! I think he should've slugged that guy a few more times with a wet kipper!


liam always wins.


liam needs an umbrella.

adam sometimes of the black earth needs to become an Ultimate Tighter. Fighter, i mean.

travis i think is also a chick named heather.

mondays bring great clarity, you see.


He's such an asshole. I love it!!

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