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Friday, February 16, 2007



fucking rock n roll..It makes me feel good inside

ryan r.

where are those brmc on their website? their website is difficult to navigate through. thanks

- Ryan


Remember when buddyhead used to have a go at bands and record labels for being boring and unadventurous?

Travis Keller

Sorry its not 1999 anymore dork.

James Everest

I'm having the same problem finding the B.R.M.C. songs. Was it a one day only deal?


Yeah you're right, it's not 1999. It's 2007 and you're going on about Rod Stewart. Dork.


If you don't like it go jerk off to Pitchfork, Dork.


Rod's still here cause he knows how to Roll With it Baby! You've got to change with the times a bit, and even though Rock n' Roll is Forever, look at the popular crap of shallow marketed popsters that are popular now and that won't be relevant in 10 years. Rod's lasted 40, and can still fill a stadium.


i remember hearing this on classic rock stations here a few years ago. this isn't half bad. thank you buddyhead for getting me back into oasis.


good post man! rod's the shit. this one isn't as good as the early solo record and definitely not as good as the motherfucking faces, but it's still way better than all of these pussy rock bads out now. it's a pretty sad commentary on popular music that the all of the best rock bands that are big time are old as fuck. it was all downhill from GNR...


I was a little sceptical at first, but this ain't bad at all.
Certainly better than Sheryl Crow's version of "Sweet Child of Mine"

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