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Tuesday, February 27, 2007



I don't understand - isn't life hard enough without hurting people this way? This is just sad.


it was staged:


Thanks Woolie, my faith is starting to renew...ha.


that's quite possibly the most surreal thing i've ever seen.

also goes to show you just what a narcissistic asshole Pearson is. the Locust sucks, Swing Kids FTW.


Wow, I always knew the Locust were ghey, but I never realized they were actually gay.


hahaha i watched this shit a couple weeks ago. the locust owns.


haha. i remember back when people would pay big bucks, on ebay, for a video of this.

Florgk Hjorn

Three One Gay is record label! Love...denmark

your mom

People! They aren't gay! It was all a joke. And it was funny. Stop acting like homophobic pieces of shit when insulting them.


hahaha Justin has been bumming out HC faggots for years. i love him, & i love the locust. <3

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