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Monday, March 12, 2007



totally get a burger at casino el camino on 6th. they even got psychocandy on the jukebox.

travis keller

Consider it done. Thanks for the tip.


Hey Travis, thanks for putting this show on, I only wish I could get tin. And yes I feel ashamed to be from Texas but while your there pick up some of the kick ass BBQ at Stubbs too. You don't have to listen to the muic there just eat.


You like Lords... Go Lords Go... So LOUD!!!

ryan r.

seeing lords backline is nearly reason enough to go see them.

- Ryan

Monkey Bastard

Them mp3s don't work.

Fix them mp3s.


Hmmm I noticed they didn't seem to work but thought it was just my ineptitude...!


umm links dude they are f-up they are taking you to error pages.


i'm from austin and we have the same feelings about sxsw. there was no one worth seeing (except the stooges, but cannot see them for obvious reasons...long lines...probably promoting new cd that sucks) i hope you got a lot of free beer because that is def. the best part about it. all the hipsters walking the streets make me just as sick as the tourists and traffic. next year just come to my house...there's always sluts, beer, good music and a balcony to throw up off of.


Thank You for the for the great blog!!!
Keep on turning the world onto true music
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Monkey Bastard

In the meantime, go to a PROPER fucking mp3 blog, where the links never fail:

travis keller

The shits working again you little crybabies....


Thanks Sunshine :)


wuz that casino el camino burger good?


yeah and we need some bonez you slacker.


Be careful with your "TexASS" might get yourself lasso-ed and branded next time you're in Austin...just a warning.


Thank God Jack White finally sang a Bowie song, and my favorite to boot.


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