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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Miss Jillian

Whoa, you guys at the 'head are onto the Secret too? Cosmic. That shit really does work.

James Langly

hey travis, you stoked on the Elliott Smith rarities coming out soon?


"Secondly, my angry beer gut has vanished cuz I watched The Secret. You might wanna get into it."

Was this some kind of joke?


Wait, are you talking about that weird shit that was on Oprah (Don't ask how I know that...)


hahaha this is such new age philosophy garbage. i guess the 4.95 to view this movie is worth it if you dont wanna spend time reading about the new-age "law of attraction." this shit is so common sensical it hurts.
here's the secret:


1. if a girl gets raped, did she secretly wish for it?

2. if you had a shitty life since you were born (parents were shitty,poor ect..),, were you thinking negatively when you were in the womb?

3. did those 8 million jews that died in WWII "attract" to be killed?

4. what about those people that are busted, jerk off all the time to playboys, and never get any pussy? they are thinking about sex all the time yet they never get any.

as for your gut mr.travis, stop being a lazy bitch and start doing some crunches on one of those pink yoga balls. guts are not cool, ask the guy from blues traveler, but then again, hey maybe one day travis, if you dream and think hard enough,, youll just wake up one day with a six pack.


wait. doesn't the secret tell you to think yourself thin? Are you serious dude?

tv ugly

jokes are hard to get.


That Desmond Dekker tune is pretty b.a. If anyone's kind of into reggae, but not really INTO reggae, you should check out Johnny Greenwood is the Controller. It's a Trojan comp. hand-picked by that dude from Radiohead. One of the ones that isn't bald or in possession of a broken face. Anyways, it's hip, and I found it for free on the internet!

Oh, and thank you Travis Keller for continuing to push awesome music on a portion of the masses. I wish there were seven of you.


Lovely soul - Jessie Mae Hemphill - Salt O' the Earth.


ps.Maybe your "angry beer gut" vanished because you aren't angry anymore!?!

sex positions

Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.

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