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Monday, April 02, 2007



i quit watchin after the comment about singles. fuck that guy.


*said in my best Butthead voice*

" this like, a joke, or something?"


Clearly you ARE bored.
But speaking of Chris Cornell I happened to watch Casino Royale over the weekend and he sings the opening song "You Know My Name".
I'm like'n this darker Bond.

mike number two

im halfway through. when does he start crying?

Ali D

Travis seems to have a gift at finding the crappiest videos on YouTube!


I wonder when this guy realized it just wasn't gonna happen for him. Although, I would rather listen to him then Audioslave.


What happened to Chris Cornell? I really liked Soundgarden and if I remember correctly, his solo album was actually pretty good (although it's been a while and it might not be as good as I remember). Is this one of those instances where the artist stops drinking and his music starts sucking?


oh, its the "back" pickup? I thought it was the bridge pickup. Surprised this tune was picked for something apparently geared towards 12 year olds.

I'm not a fan of Cornell's post-SG solo stuff or any of the Audioslave nonsense, but I can't wait to hear some Soundgarden and Temple of Dog tunes on his upcoming tour.

He was getting way too Dave Navarro for a while there taking his shirt off in those Audioslave videos. It was a lot easier to stomach back in the day when he rocked the wristbands and had that octopus on lead guitar.


so now you know, to play this song.
wow, great, now I finally know how to play all my favorite 90's songs.
who bought the re-released DONT LOOK BACK, it's pretty awesome.


wow I thought I found crappy shit on youtube but this takes the cake....


YouTube has much worse video than this. Much rather hang out with this guy then "emogirl668" or whoever else has popular "vlogs" these days. C'mon Travis, at least he's teaching kids Soundgarden and not Fall Out Boy.

Monkey Bastard

Oh my. How incredibly arse.


Thanks for sharing the Keith Richards interview in Gossip. He's always funny & authentic ~Pure. Recently watched an oldie of him playing 'Yer Blues' with John Lennon & Eric Clapton. WOW.


You talked about Oasis, The Stone Roses, and Primal Scream, but you didn't even mention that the Happy Mondays are back. Did you guys give up E? I know you wanna be up there rolling balls with Bez and the boys.


So, I'm thinkin of goin to California cause i've got an aching in my heart god I can barely spell,.....i'm cut off

adam kadmon

that was really informative. i dont think he would be a real tight ass pain in the ass guitar teacher. im going to go over those inversions again. thanks for posting this.

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