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Friday, June 08, 2007



"I had The Darkness on my show on Friday"



I couldn't tell, maybe due to the shit video quality, but did that guy actually tear up about getting knocked off stage?


lol anyone who makes a Broadway song into a hit with glam makeup(like kiss) deserves a shoving off stage… Hence I push his ass too……
don’t believe look yourself PS notice the ozzy moment
and thanks for the LIAM OASIS clips

Covert Curiosity


Ali D

The only thing funnier than seeing Robbie get shoved of the stage for being too 'Liam-like' would be Liam pushing 'Blobby' Williams off the stage himself.

bambi hell

liam talking is just as entertaining as him singing. ahha.

"indie shitheads" that was another nice moment. haha.


Haha see Robbie fly! Watch this:

That guy takes a serious dive.


ha ha! i hate that guy


i know this blog doesn't need any more splooging over era vulgaris, but you can stream all of it here:


What the fuck did Liam say? I know he is speaking "English" and all, but we need some English subtitles for his ass.


Robbie Williams... was he serious at the end of that? Was he really crying? Jesus.

The Liam clips to end all Liam clips:


dude asked liam if he'd ever made love to a man!


Take That, Robbie.

...Still, kind of a bitch move to push someone from behind like that. Shoulda had someone kneel in front of him first.


More like Sobbie Williams. That Dutch guy asking Liam Gallagher if he had ever made love to a man, however, beats it as the funniest thing i've ever seen.

Mon pepperoni

When my glasses are not to dirty I would say this video is about 6 years old and it happened in Germany on the tour 2001.
Does the press need that much money that they take out such old stuff. And I never ever will understand the fools laughing and talking b...s... , when somebody gets hurt. Where is our world going to. We are human beeings not animals. And you Mr. Gallagher, you are a poor fool.

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