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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Marty E.

It's about fucking time!


well lets hope they don't fuck this one up...not pessimism, just realism...




this really is reunion year.

fuck, compared to the states, everything's double the cost in the UK right now... you'll be paying a lot for beers. i paid close to twelve dollars for two cups of black coffee at an airport during a sleepless nine-hour layover before spending a ten-hour flight from heathrow back to LAX, sitting next to a crying two-year old named alfie... painful, not priceless.

Ali D

About time Richard got his ass into gear.


...already looking into airline tickets for this shit. I'm going to both London shows for damn sure, even if I have to sell off my entire record collection.


would you, like, put out, travis? cos i can buy my own beer.

did you ververs see FuelFriends heather's post, and the zipset of olympic studios demos? free music...


If I win the lotto I promise to save you a seat on my new jet that will be flying to London....But no mile highing please Finn&Travis...Happy 30th my fellow Cancerian.


and with some good comes some bad reunions
Spice Girls announce reunion tour


Hey, I'm on a limited budget (read as: fucking broke) and I'm looking to buy one old Verve release. Would all you Verve fans reccomend "A Northern Soul" or "Storm in Heaven"? Or maybe there's some killer old EPs too?


more verve rarities to be had here:

ps luv the blog. keep up the good work

long live the verve


hey assholes. stop wasting time and post something. jesus.


fuck big sur.


Got my ticket for Roundhouse on the 8th. Stoked!


It's you an me, we're history.

This is FUCKING amazing news.

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