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Monday, June 11, 2007



i've never listen to petey D's music but he seems charming. i'm not hatin

Marty E.

Listen to the song "What a Waster" by the Libertines...

Cindy Kona

Pissing myself laughing...Travis - OMG! "buries the rocket"!!! you really outta write a book, you're so fulla freekin hysterical comments on life and music!
thanks for the laugh today! ; )

mr. hell

bedtime with mr bear is hilarious!

nice Travis.

i dont know who the hell pete dourghty is or that robbie williams guy was either, but i noticed they both were loosely linked to oasis.

can you get me into trent reznor's entourage?


He is a member of a British If I call it anything punk band called
Babyshambles they have album called Down in Albion that I remember about him...
He is the singer and plays guitar. He used to play with the band The Libertines think he founded both of them...He is a tabloid icon (Massive drug problem dude always in the news ) in Britain been awhile since i was last overseas...


have you guys been living under a rock? the libertines are britains anwser to the strokes, cept they are more fun. Plus Mick Jones produced both their albums. Then Pete decided it was more fun to do crack, and now they don't exist. Also british tabloids and NME think he's a god, prolly cos he sticks his rocket in kate moss.


you should post the video of him shooting a syringe of his own blood on a camera.


NME thinks pete's god because 1) NME sucks dick and 2) doherty is a heroin fiend and shitty publications equate that as news-worthy. moss should've stuck with bobby gillespie because the scream will no doubt come out with a few good albums to make up for "riot city blues", kinda like they did after "give out but don't give up" when they put out "vanishing point", "xtrmntr", and "evil heat". doherty needs to overdose already and stop faking it with his limp rocket.


now that i think about it, primal scream's best albums have always had the influence of great producers: screamadelica's andrew weatherall and the trio of albums that kevin shields helmed.

speaking of which, hey travis, i remembered that you put the two lone swordsmen's "from the double gone chapel" on one of your "best of" lists a while back. their new shit just came out, and it's pretty solid. in particular, "get out of my kingdom" sounds like the song that bobby gillespie wishes he could have written instead of "riot city blues"... check it... weatherall's vocals sound like bobby.


give out but don't give up was produced by george clinton, and its not that bad.


Look at that sweet little face.

He's got talent, I hope he makes it past the drugs.


I think all of Pete's bands were shit. His only redeeming quality is that he likes Oasis.

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