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Monday, July 30, 2007


simon a

lucky for some.

perhaps buddyhead should do a copy of the NIN iPhone blog malarky.



We just wrapped a 3 day Folk Fest in Calgary :)
+ Cali boy Brett Dennen was very enjoyable.


Actually Folk Fest is 4 days.....i guess I lost a day somewhere...!
AA Bondy great share Thx lazyboy.

ryan r

ha. the first line of "vice rag" is enough to sing the praises of this band. i'm for it.

sonya d

Personally, I liked Verbena, but this solo album from AA Bondy is just a breath of fresh air. Fan-freaking-tastic! Mr. Bondy, I already want more!!!

erich von falkenhayn

Errrr reading and leeds are hell on earth.

Thousands and thousands of drunk teenagers. Half of them are there to get drunk and watch fall out boy. The other half are thugs there to get drunk and beat the other half up.

But I don't know. Maybe the VIP section is the total opposite, with gold plated toilets, banqueting halls intelligent and charming company free drugs for all etc etc

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hey travis if you're into this guy then you should check out ryan adams' album 'heartbreaker' i'm pretty sure you'd be into him if you gave him a chance...


i saw verbena open up for the jesus lizard in nyc back in the late 90s and own 2 of their records. i always thought this guy's voice had way more potential than verbena's nirvana rip-off songs and cliche lyrics could afford it. i like these tracks. thanks for the heads up on his new record.

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