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Thursday, August 02, 2007



I LOVE Honey ~ Save the Bees ~


I saw them the next day with Porter Wagoner and the White Stripes at Madison Square Garden. You'd think all the old dudes in penny loafers and khaki shorts were there to see some dudes their age rock it out, but instead it was a buncha dorky mid-lifers who think the White Stripes gets them "back in touch." Grinderman was significantly booed by the fratty New York population. But it looked like the Williamsburg hipsters managed to make it out and show support, so it wasn't all for naught. And I swear I saw the singer from Wilco in the bathroom.


this is pretty crazy, but too bad the sound is shitty: grinderman and suicide on the same stage, playing suicide songs!


nick needs to hurry up and get over to the states to tour, the aussies have had him over there long enough

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