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Thursday, October 04, 2007


Sarah Michelle

Ha! I'm the first one to comment. Love the video, it's very artsy.

~Sarah Michelle

Susan Gill

Getting goosebumps. That video is amazing!I bought the album when it came out and can't get enough of it. Every song is incredible and hearing their version of kingdom of rains was just bliss. No expectations made me bubble the first few listens. Yes, i know i'm pathetic!


Saw them perform back in July and it was amazing. Well, to be honest...I think anything with Mark Lanegan is amazing!


These visuals are so rich they add more to the song. Also Kingdom of Rain video w/katrina images ~so sad ~so beautiful.


i'm a sucker for dark gospel like this.

...i hope this blog isn't becoming like the onion av club, where readers compete to be "firsties" in the comments section on every post. bleh.


Cant wait to see them and JAMC in a few weeks.


I gotta get this album, thanks for posting this.


bought the album some weeks ago. today, i wanted to take a look if it has been posted in this blog...

of course lanegan rules, but i think this is an outstanding album, perfect transition between the genres.
"Revival" leaves nobody cold, i think.

Jackson Edge

Dig this, that Will Oldham cat is on the Neil Young cover that's on this album; and he also plays a cop in one of the new chapters of R. Kelly's "Trapped in The Closet" (p-p-p-package). Could this possibly lead to a Lanegan/ Kelly colabo? My precious bodily fluids are draining out just fucking thinking about that.


this song brought me to tears.


This is definitely in my top 5 albums of 2007, I couldn't wait and got it on import and can't stop listening to it!
Counting down the days to their show at the Troubadour in December.

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